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    Why Servicing Your Car Is Vital?

    1. It replaces your old oil containing harmful deposits that cause destructive wear and tear, shortening your engine’s life.
    2. It increases safety and reliability by ensuring that your brakes, suspension and steering components operate efficiently.
    3. It extends your vehicle’s life, reduces its lifetime cost of repairs and increases its resale value.

    Why You'll Want Your Car Serviced By Us?

    • You’ll get reliable, fast and friendly service. No cost ‘surprises’ because we regularly keep you informed while we’re working on your car.
    • You’ll always understand what your car needs, the reasons why and the costs.
    • You’ll never feel blindsided or ripped off.
    • You’ll get highly trained technicians (in all makes and models) working on your car with the latest diagnostic equipment.
    • You’ll be treated with honesty, respect and professionalism.

    What a WOF inspection covers?

    • A WOF inspection requires a qualified tester to carry out a range of safety checks on the interior and exterior of your vehicle as well as under the bonnet and underneath your vehicle. It includes:
      • Tyre condition
      • Brake operation
      • Structural condition
      • Lights, doors and windows
      • Windscreen washers and wipers
      • Safety belts and airbags
      • Speedometer
      • Steering and suspension
      • Exhaust and fuel system

    What a WOF inspection does NOT cover?

    • Engine, clutch, gearbox and differential
    • Lubricant levels and condition
    • Brake pad thickness or life expectancy
    • Paint work condition and rust in non structural areas

    A WOF is an inspection of your vehicle as at that moment. Commonly things like tyres and CV joints just scrape through on the day, but will not last until your next WOF. You are required to get them fixed or replaced before your next WOF.

    What if your vehicle fails its WOF?

    • If your vehicle fails a WOF inspection and your old WOF has expired, you are not allowed to drive it on the road unless it is operated solely for the purpose of obtaining a new WOF.
    • If you fix all the items that require attention within 28 days, the vehicle will be re-inspected by the same WOF agent at no extra charge.
    • If you fix all the items that require attention but exceed 28 days, a new fee and inspection is required.

    Why I should take my Subaru to Highbrook Automotive?

    • Subaru’s are our passion – We know Subaru’s inside out
    • Our team have worked on Subaru’s for a very long time and we know the ins and outs of them.

    How often should I service my Subaru?

    • Every 10,000 km or 6 months   –  periodic service
    • Every 50,000km or 30 months  –  periodic service plus complete vehicle fluid change
    • Every 100,000km or 5 years     –  periodic service plus complete vehicle fluid change
      and replace Cambelt (timing belt)
    • Additional servicing may be required for turbocharged and diesel vehicles or heavy use (i.e. towing)

    Why is it necessary to replace my Cambelt (timing belt)?

    • Cambelts naturally wear and require replacement over a certain time frame or mileage interval. Recommended replacement is at 100,000km or 5 years. We also suggest you replace the water pump, tensioners, idler bearings and usually the oil seals at the same time. These other components have done the same mileage as the cambelt, and it more economical to replace at this time than later.
    • If your cambelt breaks, the timing process is effectively ruined and there is a high risk of serious engine damage. Without the cambelt, the pistons move freely and separate the engine valves so a simple ‘miss-time’ can lead to a collision of these parts.