Car Repairs

Engine Repairs

A full range of Engine repairs are available including, Head Gasket Replacement, Drive Belts/Auxiliary Belts, Cambelt/Timing Belt Replacement, Water Pump Replacement, Oil Leaks and Coolant Leaks.


We check the free play and adjustment in the clutch cable and adjust if necessary, and check the clutch fluid (hydraulic system). We supply and fit clutch kits for all vehicle makes and models.

Suspension & Steering

The suspension ensures that steering, driving and braking systems work efficiently together. We offer a full range of suspension parts and services, includes Shock absorbers, Springs, Struts, Ball joints, Bushes, Tie rod ends.

Cambelt/Timing Belt

It is a common recommendation is that they are replaced every 5 years or 100,000 kms – whichever occurs first. Highbrook Automotive can advise on the intervals at which your cambelt should be replaced.

Exhaust Repairs

We can fit either high quality aftermarket exhausts or new exhausts direct from the manufacturer or custom make to your requirements. We also have other options available, feel free to contact us.

Transmission Service/Maintenance

If you feel that your transmission is not functioning properly call in and we can quickly carry out a free check while you wait. This will help to determine the nature of the work that may need to be carried out.

CV Joints/Boots

The CV joint is part of your drive axle. It delivers the power from your engine to the driving wheels. If your CV boot splits, lubricating grease will come away from the CV joint which could result in expensive damage.

Cooling Systems

When the radiator fails to function correctly the coolant returning to the engine block is too hot, and as a result, it boils over. We provide the service to repair or replace the radiator, water pump, coolant. Feel free to talk to us.

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